An Outgift Wedding

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Outgift co-founder, Alice Kittrell, met her husband eight years ago while working in New York City.   After their first date, they knew they had each met the one and a few months later, she'll tell you that saying yes to marrying the love of her life was the easiest decision she had ever made.


They got married in a quaint, rustic vineyard in Connecticut in front of 190 of their closest friends and family.  The tables were lined with vintage vases and books they had collected from thrift shops all over Manhattan to celebrate Alice's love of reading and guests were sent home with homemade cinnamon pear jam. 


What was your favorite memory of that evening? 

Our band was fantastic and a big hit with our guests. We'll never forget how much our friends and family enjoyed dancing the night away beneath the stars.  


What was your favorite wedding gift?

We had decided not to hire a videographer for the wedding and are so grateful that one of our relatives took it upon themselves to shoot a video of our entire ceremony.  In hindsight, we realized that having that video was something we wanted after all and couldn't be happier that we received that as a gift.

What was your most utilized wedding gift?

An acacia wood cutting board that gets used daily up to this day.


What is your advice for couples planning a wedding?

Bake in some alone time for just you two during the wedding.  We sneaked off for ten minutes to just regroup and enjoy being together that day and are so glad we had that time to ourselves. 

Jul 7, 2018