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Shane and Josephine Finnegan - brother and sister - shared fond memories of home cooked dinners that eventually fueled their own passion for cooking.  


Over time, they realized that they shared the same frustration when it came to affordable and reliable cookware.  It seemed that there were only two options - buy cheap and fully anticipate discarding the cookware within a few months, or purchase overpriced cookware at a speciality kitchen shop.  Brigade Kitchen was born out of Shane and Josephine's own desire to the fulfill the need for affordable, high quality cookware that enabled them to do what they loved - cook. 


Utilizing lean distribution and cutting out the middle man, Brigade Kitchen offers home cooks everywhere the chance to purchase cookware that boasts the quality of today's luxury brands but at half the cost.   


Their cookware is made of 5-ply 18/10 stainless steel which might cost upwards of $130 individually elsewhere but they are able to offer it to their customers for a fraction of the cost, starting at $70. Customers can buy directly from Brigade and also build their own cookware set with the added perk of 10% off if they purchase three or more units. 


Shane and Josephine's mission is to make great home cooked meals accessible for everyone. 


Their favorite part about building Brigade Kitchen?

"We're lucky enough to do what we love everyday and build a brand we believe in, all while working with family."



Use code "OUTGIFT" for 10% off your purchase. 



Jun 2, 2018